surrogate mother pay

Surrogate Mother Pay in Des Moines, Iowa

Surrogate Mother Pay Defined

Surrogate mother pay in Des Moines, Iowa varies according to a number of factors—whether or not you have experience and insurance coverage, and whether the surrogacy involves a private agreement or is conducted through a surrogate agency.

The average surrogate mother pay ranges from $30,000 to $50,000. Note that this amount may be higher or lower depending on the previously mentioned factors. Aside from the surrogate mother pay, other allowances must be taken into consideration. These include (but certainly are not limited to) the following:

  • Monthly expense allocation
  • Maternity clothing
  • Embryo transfer (meant to include lost wages, child care, and other expenses lost as a result of bed rest after transfer)
  • Multiples (added payment per additional baby)
  • Cesarean section (as recommended by attending physician)
  • Cancelled cycles
  • Health and medical insurance
  • Travel costs (for surrogate mothers who must travel; this includes airfare for the surrogate and a traveling companion, as well as hotel accommodation and transportation)

These allowances ensure that the intended parents cover all costs associated with their surrogate mother’s pregnancy. These benefits make the process very appealing to many women hoping to become surrogates.

Surrogate mother pay ensures financial stability for a surrogate as she undergoes this life-changing experience. Aside from the financial reward, there are other advantages that a surrogate enjoys. For example, a surrogate mother gives the miracle of life to a couple or family yearning to have a genetically related baby. This gift can turn into a lasting friendship with the intended parents.

In conclusion, surrogate mother pay truly provides outstanding monetary compensation to surrogate mothers, guaranteeing that the surrogate mother remains worry-free in terms of expenses related to the surrogacy. Helping other people to have their own kids can be very rewarding on its own along with the monetary compensation a surrogate mother receives during her surrogacy journey.