Surrogacy For Gay Couples

Gay couples who want to have children have the choice of surrogacy or adoption. There are merits to both, but if you’re looking for an easier process that will take less time, surrogacy is definitely the way to go.

Surrogacy For Gay Couples

Adoption can take up to three to four years, with a lot of restrictions in place, and some hard requirements before the process can even begin – you must, for example, have a dedicated room in your house set up for the child, even though that child might not show up for years. There are background checks and income requirements, and some organizations may not even allow gay parents to adopt.

On the other hand, surrogacy for gay couples is an especially attractive option. It takes much less time – as soon as you’re matched with a surrogate, the initial process will usually take about 3-4 months, plus 9 months of pregnancy, for a total of just over a year until you can bring home your own, genetically-related child.

The best part, of course, is that a child through a surrogate is genetically related to one of the intended parents. You can carry on your family line and your genetics, whereas with an adopted child, that’s not at all the case.

If you are an intended parent looking for a qualified gestational surrogate and have further questions about gestational surrogacy, we would love to answer them for you! Please contact us here.

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